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What is a Happy Families home assistant?

As one of our home assistants, you will make a direct difference to someone’s every day life, providing support and friendship so as to enable them to lead an independent and happy home life. Our service offering is focussed on companionship needs rather than personal care needs.

Unlike the traditional care agency model, with Happy Families you will be typically working with (and employed by) one family, and you will be actively involved in choosing the right role and the right family for you. We will provide you with support in finding you a suitable job, and can also support you in obtaining the necessary paperwork and training such as DBS, first aid certificate etc. You will normally be directly employed by our client (or their family), and they will be responsible for paying all your taxes, together with providing you with all statutory employment rights (e.g. paid holiday, pension, statutory sick pay), which means that their money is spent directly on paying your salary rather than expensive on-going agency overheads.  This means that you will generally receive a more competitive salary than if you are employed by an agency, as well as long term job security and stability via working with one family.

With this in mind, we also ensure that you will have a suitable working agreement with the family which is engaging you – this will usually be a contract of employment. We will also maintain regular contact with you, especially in the first few weeks of your new job, to ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed.