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Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Elaine Gardner.

I am a qualified Occupational Therapist with 20 years experience working in the NHS in a multitude of clinical settings. During my time as an Occupational Therapist, I have witnessed first hand, how important it is for people, both mentally and physically, whatever age and ability, to remain independent and in their own homes, for as long as possible. With cutbacks in social care budgets leading to fewer options, the need for high-quality bespoke care is paramount. This is where we can help. Happy Families Home Support prides itself on bridging this gap and keeping people happy at home.

I can be contacted on elaine@happyfamilieshomesupport.co.uk or 07941 002473.

Helen Mussen Owner Happy Families Nannies

Hello, I am Helen Mussen.

I founded Happy Families in 2016, initially focussing on bespoke domestic based childcare provision (nannies, babysitting and parents’ helps). Through my dealings with many different families in the local area I have learnt that all families’ needs are different. Whether or not your dependents are adults or children, it is vital to ensure that the person helping you fits your needs both in personality and lifestyle. It is this philosophy that also underpins our approach to matching our home assistants with our clients. I am able to provide advice to families on the implications of being a small-scale employer of a home assistant, including an overview of the financial and legal considerations that employing a home assistant involves.

Contact me on helen@happyfamiliesnannies.co.uk or call 07747 115184.